A Special Issue of NYU Metro Center's VUE Honors the Legacy and Impact of Norm Fruchter

A Special Issue of NYU Metro Center's VUE Honors the Legacy and Impact of Norm Fruchter

Posted by Pharoah Cranston on 2023-11-20

NYU Metro Center is overjoyed to present the latest issue of Voices in Urban Education (VUE). Each issue of VUE endeavors to serve as a roundtable-in-print by bringing together diverse education stakeholders with a wide range of viewpoints, including leading education writers and thinkers, as well as essential but frequently underrepresented voices in educational scholarship, such as students, parents, teachers, activists, and community members. In addition, each issue of VUE is organized around a theme and strives to provide cutting-edge analysis of a vital issue in urban public education. Formats include visual arts, articles, interviews, video and written documentaries, poetry, and autoethnographies.

The newest issue of NYU Metro Centers open-access journal, VUE, Volume 52, Issue 1, focuses on the legacy and impact of the late Norm Fruchter. For members of the education justice movement in the tri-state area, and specifically for friends and colleagues throughout NYU, the unexpected loss of Norm late last year was devastating. Norm Fruchter's career spanned decades, and included a variety of roles in and around education policy and practice. From a community organizer and a school leader, to a funder and a member of the NYC Panel for Education Policy, Norms commitment to bridging the world of education policy research and grassroots community organizing seeded and helped shape decades of work here at the NYU Metro Center.

Norm Fruchter's work as a public education advocate covered many topics and platforms. He had vast knowledge about movements for justice, schooling, and racial equity. This issue of Voices in Urban Education, titled Chasing Equity: Fighting for Equity in New York City Schools, highlights a selection of Norms writings that were initially shared through NYU Metro Centers Perspectives blog. He wrote extensively about a host of pertinent education topics, including access to higher education, non-traditional schooling, connecting to legacies of racial justice movements, community involvement in schools, school segregation, and school funding. This dynamic compendium of Norm Fruchter's articles convey not only his brilliance with the written word, but even more importantly his commitment to equity and anti-racism.

In addition to noting the vast networks of education justice organizers across the United States who stand on his broad shoulders, Norm Fruchter's continuing legacy can be found in his writings. His thirty-five (35) essays in this just released issue of VUE outline Norms belief in and evidence based calls for inclusive learning environments and equity for all, particularly for Black, Latinx, and multilingual learners, and students with disabilities. The text in this special issue of Voices in Urban Education enjoys an astounding symmetry with Norm Fruchter's career and priorities, gracefully bridging robust education policy research with stalwart community organizing. We invite you to read this exceptional edition of Voices in Urban Education not only to learn of a luminary in the education justice movement, but to expand your ideas of what can be accomplished through deep community partnerships, as well as a source of inspiration for your own campaigns for greater equity and racial justice in our schools.

This edition of VUE examines the following text:

The Enduring Fight for Justice

Depolicing Schools

An Alternative High School and A Police Chief

Refusing Schooling in the U.K. and the U.S. 

I Can't Read

"I Felt Like I Never Fit in" Increasing College Access and Persistence

Recuperation and Innovation: New York City's Transfer High Schools

New York City's Small Schools

New York City's Affinity School Districts

Toward Career Apprenticeships

COVID 19, the 1918 Spanish Flu, and the City's Schools

Vulnerable Schools and COVID-19

School Districts COVID Decisions

The RECS-A Successful Pandemic Learning Experiment

Reducing New York City's Wage-Earner Inequity through Universal Pre-K

Rebuilding our City's Safety Net-Early Childcare

Universal Free Meals in NYC Schools

Redefining Infrastructure: Schools in a Care Economy

A Successful College Access Experiment Reaches Citywide Scale

Equity Audits: Stakeholders Making Education Policy

Mayoral Control and the Panel for Education Policy (PEP)

Funding Problems for City Schools

Revisiting the DOE's Fair Student Funding Formula

Historic Steps towards Funding Equity for NYC's students

Opportunity to Learn

Misplaced: Mistreating Developmental Difference

Restructuring Special Education: The School-Based Model

Black Political Statements Across Time

Scaling Reform in New York City Schools

Reducing Segregation: What Could the Mayor Do?

Structural Racism Begins in Kindergarten

The Spoils of Whiteness: New York City's Gifted and Talented Programs 

Monopolizing Whiteness

"Unlovely Student Distributions": A Rebuttal to Chester Finn's "Even More Social Engineering in New York Schools"

Read Voices in Urban Education (VUE) Volume 52, Issue 1, Chasing Equity: Fighting for Equity in New York City Schools: here.